A little tip for the Brother 1034D Serger

Serging is fun, and fast! And, if you’ve got everything set up right, it makes a beautiful overlocked edge on your seams or even the edge of your fabric. But, when you’re going to serge a seam and cut off the seam allowance, do you ever have problems visualizing how far from the edge of the fabric the needles are going to pierce? Gosh, I’ve got a tip for you! Are you having trouble figuring out where to set your knife to cut the fabric down? This tip will help you with that too!

This image is of the standard presser foot on the Brother 1034D serger. The needles are about two inches from where the presser foot first contacts the feed dogs. It makes it difficult to line things up correctly to cut the right amount off the seam allowance and to have the fabric be in the right place for the overlock stitching.

You see that little hole in the presser foot? That one that I’ve marked with the arrow? That hole conveniently lines up with the needles! Use that hole to line up your fabric when you’re overlocking the seam or edge of the fabric (or even when measuring to figure out where to adjust the knife to)! Assuming you feed the fabric in straight, the knife will cut off the correct amount for the seam allowance, and the needles will be in the right place to make a perfect overlock stitch!

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